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For the purposes of registering Births and Deaths, Berkshire was divided into a number of Registrars' Sub-Districts, which could cover anything from part of a large town, up to a group of several dozen rural parishes. The boundaries of these areas have changed frequently over the years since 1837, and as a result many birth and death records have been transferred between different register offices.

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Birth Coverage Last updated 27 October 2011
Sub-District Years Operative Registers at Code Years indexed
Bucklebury 1837-1937 Reading BUC 1837-1937
Caversham1886-1955ReadingCAV 1886-1955
Mortimer1837-1890Reading MOR1837-1890
Reading Central1956-1958ReadingCENTRAL1956-1958
Reading East1956-1958ReadingEAST1956-1958
Reading First1958-ReadingFIRST1958-1968
Reading Second1958ReadingSECOND1958-1968
Reading Third1958ReadingTHIRD1958-1968
Reading West1956-1958ReadingWEST1956-1958
St Giles, Reading1837-1955ReadingSTG1837-1955
St Mary, Reading1837-1955ReadingSTM1837-1955
St Lawrence1837-1885Reading STL1837-1885
Tilehurst1837-1937Reading TIL1837-1937