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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Berkshire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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Marriage Coverage Last updated 29 November 2010

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Caversham St Andrew1913ReadingCE11913-1969
Caversham St John the Baptist1908ReadingCE21908-1969
Caversham St Peter1837ReadingCE31837-1969
Caversham Emmer Green St Barnabas1930ReadingCE41930-1969
Earley St Bartholomew1878ReadingCE51878-1966
Lower Whitley St Agnes1939ReadingCE61939-1969
Reading All Saints1909ReadingCE71909-1969
Reading Greyfriars1866ReadingCE81866-1969
Reading Holy Trinity1875ReadingCE91875-1969
Reading St Giles1837ReadingCE101837-1969
Reading St John the Evangelist & St Stephen1873ReadingCE111873-1969
Reading St Lawrence1837ReadingCE121837-1963
Reading St Luke1909ReadingCE131909-1965
Reading St Mark1920ReadingCE141920-1961
Reading Castle Street St Marys Chapel (Closed)1914ReadingCE151914-1968
Reading St Mary the Virgin1837ReadingCE161837-1954
Reading St Saviour (Closed)1922ReadingCE171922-1969
Reading St Barnabas1956ReadingCE181956-1969
Reading Whitley Christ Church1862ReadingCE191862-1969
Tilehurst St George1886ReadingCE201886-1969
Tilehurst St Mary Magdalen1953ReadingCE211953-1969
Tilehurst St Michael1837ReadingCE221837-1969

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Civil Marriages

Register Office, Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Bradfield Register Office1839ReadingBD/BRAD1839-1937
Reading Register Office1837ReadingRG1837-1969 and some from 1970

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Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Wesley Chapel, Queens Road, Reading1899ReadingAP11899-1969
Caversham Free Church1899ReadingAP21899-1969
Methodist Chapel, Oxford Road, Reading (Closed Nov.1996)1900ReadingAP31900-1969
Carey Chapel, Carey Street, Reading1901ReadingAP41901-1969
Whitley Methodist Church (Closed)1902ReadingAP51902-1969
Broad Street Chapel, Reading (Closed)1908ReadingAP61908-1969
Methodist Chapel, Woodcote Road1911ReadingAP71911-1969
Tilehurst Methodist Church, School Road1912ReadingAP81912-1969
Trinity United Reformed Church (Closed)1929ReadingAP91929-1969
Methodist Church, Gosbrook Road, Caversham1934ReadingAP101934-1969
Park United Reformed Church, Reading1938ReadingAP111938-1969
West Reading Methodist Church1947ReadingAP131947-1969
Tyndale Baptist Church, Reading1956ReadingAP161956-1969
St Andrews United Reformed Church, Reading1905ReadingAP171905-1969
Our Lady & St Anne, Reading1963ReadingAP181963-1969
United Reformed Church, Tilehurst1965ReadingAP191965-1969
Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading1966ReadingAP201966-1969
Tilehurst Free Church1967ReadingAP211967-1969
Kingdom Hall, Kingsgate Street, Reading1965ReadingAP241965-1969
Argyle Hall1968ReadingAP491968-1968
Baptist Chapel, Kings Road, Reading1932ReadingCAP11932-1966
Methodist Church, Cumberland Road, Reading1945ReadingCAP21945-1969
Bourne Memorial Meth. Church, Exbourne Road, Reading1952ReadingCAP31952-1969
Liberal Christian Church, London Road, Reading1921ReadingCAP41921-1937
London Street Chapel, Reading1910ReadingCAP51910-1940
Methodist Chapel, West Reading1949ReadingCAP61949-1961
Society of Friends, Reading1840ReadingF11840-1969
Jewish Synagogue, Reading1904ReadingJ11904-1969

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